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The associates at eCommerce PRO Advisors have years of experience running and managing the operations of large eCommerce Fulfillment providers. We have the unique combination of skills: being very customer-focused, while also having a detailed understanding of the systems, processes, and people required to be successful. We have moved many operations, managed large-scale projects, shipped millions of products, and managed thousands of people.

eCommerce Management Systems: Are you looking to integrate your Fulfillment Provider's WMS to an ERP? Shopping Cart? QuickBooks? Is EDI required? Do you need to integrate custom packing lists for drop-shippers? eCommerce PRO Advisors has the expertise to help you locate, enhance, integrate, or manage your WMS and/or WMS provider. We have delivered many projects integrating new processes with the WMS to reduce costs, increase throughput, and increase quality. Whatever your technical needs might be, eCommerce eCommerce PRO Advisors has the experience to help you be successful.

Shipping Services and Provider Negotiations: Ever wonder if you are paying too much for shipping services? When was the last time you negotiated with your providers? Do you know the best way to ship small parcels for ecommerce customers? The staff at eCommerce PRO Advisors has many years of experience doing just that and can help guide you in obtaining the best shipping rates you can get.

eCcommerce Setup: Are you an existing 3PL, but don't have the solutions in place to service your customers' eCommerce needs? There are many 3PLs that are missing out in this growing segment, as they don't have the experience or internal systems to ship out "eaches." Many 3PLs have done case pick, as well as pallet pick-and-ship, but many have not done eaches to consumers. Our staff at eCommerce PRO Advisors has the expertise to help existing 3PLs get into this space. We know what the requirements are, and we can develop a plan to roll this capability out.

eCommerce Fulfillment Locator: Need assistance finding the right Fulfillment Partner for your business or expanding into a new territory?

Different Fulfillment Providers possess certain strengths and competencies that differentiate them in the market place. The experts at eCommerce PRO Advisors have decades of experience working with different eCommerce logistics providers, and can quickly assess if a potential Provider is the right fit, and competent in the areas that will be most critical to your success.

Selecting the wrong Provider can be tremendously expensive in terms of disgruntled or lost customers, compliance "charge-backs" from your retail customers, or even missing inventory. eCommerce PRO Advisors can help you avoid these excessive costs by prescreening and assisting you in selecting the right Fulfillment Partner.

Adding Ecommerce as a new Sales Channel: Are you an existing merchant or manufacturer, but don't have the solution in place to sell through eCommerce? Are you unsure how to distribute direct to consumers? Shipping individual orders to consumers requires a totally different distribution model than shipping to retailers. Our staff at eCommerce PRO Advisors has the expertise to help merchants and manufacturers set up this new distribution channel. We know what the requirements are and can develop a plan to meet your new marketing requirements.

Amazon: Are you an existing merchant or manufacturer with a desire to start selling to Amazon? Are you confused about Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central? Has your marketing department informed you that they will be selling on Amazon, and that you must figure out how to get product to Amazon or their customers? Are you confused by the Amazon Portals and labeling/routing requirements? eCommerce PRO Advisors has set this up many times, and can help you sell through this channel.

RFP Drafting & Management: Has rapid success in your business mandated that you find a top-tier Fulfillment Partner capable of supporting your long-term business objectives?

Key to ensuring proper selection of a 3PL provider is ensuring a full understanding of your scope of work, systems communication methodology, service level objectives and all unique business requirements. The experts at eCommerce PRO Advisors have been involved in hundreds of Requests for Proposal (RFPs), so we know what is essential to selecting a capable provider and obtaining the best pricing possible.

eCommerce PRO Advisors can perform any combination of the following services to ensure that your long-term objectives are obtained, including:

  • Detailed analysis of your business, to document the scope of work and corresponding order profile assumptions, service level expectations, processes details, systemic communication processes, rate structures and all necessary elements to develop a comprehensive RFP document that ensures all bidders have the level of detail needed.
  • RFP management process including pre-screening potential bidders, issuing the RFQ, responding to questions, evaluating and quantifying results, site tours and ultimate 3PL selection.
  • Full Service Agreement negotiations to include rates, terms, service levels and KPI, insurance requirements, liabilities and other key elements to ensure your interests are best represented.

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